IMODI, a French consortium
to develop new experimental models of cancer

Meet the needs of the scientific community in R&D of more efficient test systems

Cancer remains a progressive disease with high incidence, mortality and associated costs. The World Health Organization estimates that the cancer mortality will increase by more than 50% between 2002 and 2030, with about 11.5 million deaths in 2030 worldwide.

In this context, IMODI organizes a health industrial sector to meet the needs of the scientific community, whether private or public, in research and development of more efficient test systems to improve the selection of more effective diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

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IMODI (Innovative MODels Initiative) is a French consortium, involving both academic and private partners. It includes observational clinical studies in breast, ovary, pancreas, lungs, prostate, and liver cancers. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive the latest news from our partners and scientific advances about new experimental models of cancer.

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Modeling the diversity of cancers
for effective treatments to each patient

IMODI focuses its activities on 3 major R&D axes


IMODI is organized as a consortium of 18 partners with a matrix organization between the cancer pathologies and the technology and medical platforms.



Big Pharmas


Academic Institutions

  160 PDX models available 

7 main therapeutic areas
Haert Haert
Breast Breast
Ovary Ovary
Pancreas Pancreas
Lungs Lungs
Liver Liver
Lymphoma Lymphoma