End-to-end microbiota offering powered by Biofortis

CTIBioTumour: human microtumours produced by 3D-bioprinting
Predictive tools mimicking disease progression & treatment efficacy
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End-to-end microbiota offering powered by Biofortis

End-to-end microbiota offering powered by Biofortis

Biofortis is Mérieux Nutrisciences’CRO serving health and innovation to offer complementary, differentiating and innovative services including pre-clinical and clinical assessments as well as microbiota-related analyses and their scientific interpretation. Our aim is to enable clients to substantiate their products in order to maximize their market impact.

We substantiate your claim with pharma mindset and exigence These services may for example be:
  • The assessment of real and measured efficacy with high quality services in clinical trials including metabolic and physiological exploration
  • Microbiota research studies to determine the impact of pharmaceuticals and other products on the microbiota (intestinal, cutaneous, oral ...)
  • Clinical pilot studies to study new effects of the product on health and / or build mechanistic hypotheses
  • Confirmatory studies in support of product launches and / or regulatory files
  • Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals

Biofortis is the only CRO with fully integrated Microbiome Services.

A quality-driven Central Laboratory
Based on our own Clinical investigation Centre and our Central Laboratory, Biofortis offers global and continuous solutions with optimized methodological processes.

Our dedicated Microbiome Central Lab and R&D unit (>65 FTEs) with biologists, clinicians, bioinformaticians, statisticians and data analysts, ensure optimal quality all along your project using controlled SOPs for our in-house wet and dry operations.

  • Need a first look on microbiome?
  • How can microbiome impact your pre/clinical trial results?
  • Does your product impact microbiome?
  • Is your product microbiome friendly?
  • How can microbiome functionality be a key driver for your future development?

We can bring custom answers to your microbiome request through:

  • Genomic characterization - Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Assessments of flora richness, diversity composition - 16S metabarcoding
  • Functionality – Shotgun

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