Olivier DUCHAMP, coordinateur IMODI, co-auteur du livre: Patient Derived Tumor Xenograft Models

AACR 2017 - Poster presentation - Abstract # 3846 by Dr. Juan Iovanna (Inserm U1068, Marseille, France)
Poster présenté par Dr. Juan Iovanna (Inserm U1068, Marseille, France) au copngrès annuel AACR (USA, Washington, 1-6 April 2017)
AURAGEN, un projet de séquençage des génomes porté par les acteurs de la région

Olivier DUCHAMP, coordinateur IMODI, co-auteur du livre: Patient Derived Tumor Xenograft Models

Patient Derived Tumor Xenograft Models

Promise, Potential and Practice

Edited by Rajesh Uthamanthil, Peggy Tinkey
Associate Editor : Elisa de Stanchina

A reference guide for development and use of PDX models

Patient Derived Tumor Xenograft Models: Promise, Potential and Practice offers guidance on how to conduct PDX modeling and trials, including how to know when these models are appropriate for use, and how the data should be interpreted through the selection of immunodeficient strains.

In addition, proper methodologies suitable for growing different type of tumors, acquisition of pathology, genomic and other data about the tumor, potential pitfalls, and confounding background pathologies that occur in these models are also included, as is a discussion of the facilities and infrastructure required to operate a PDX laboratory.

  • Offers guidance on data interpretation and regulatory aspects
  • Provides useful techniques and strategies for working with PDX models
  • Includes practical tools and potential pitfalls for best practices
  • Compiles all knowledge of PDX models research in one resource
  • Presents the results of first ever global survey on standards of PDX development and usage in academia and industry
We need to consider the entirety of the cancer pathology and not only the tumor epithelial cells. Moreover, the diversity of models, the costs of model development, PDX collection maintenance, and quality control of all these collections seems also to be a big challenge in the near future..

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