Oncomedics : Individualisation des traitements contre le cancer

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Oncomedics : Individualisation des traitements contre le cancer


Oncomedics FOCUS: Personnalizing the cancer treatments

Oncomedics Oncomedics is a biotechnology company specialised in the individualisation of cancer treatments: it develops diagnosis tools to personalize anti-cancer cures, thereby considerably increasing their efficacy. The company was founded in 2006, and runs his own fully equipped laboratory and production unit in Limoges, France. It has established numerous strong collaborations with several clinical centers, academic laboratories and pharma or biotech companies, thanks to the IMODI French innovative project.
The Oncogramme® is a functional assay combining therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to predict the activity of a therapeutic molecule on a cancer patient’s tumour. Drugs are actually tested on a tumour sample through an approach very similar to the antibiogram.

Responses of the patient’s own cells obtained thanks to the Oncogramme® thus assist medical practitioners in personalizing treatments, by favouring drugs that demonstrate a high level of anti-cancer activity while avoiding inefficient drugs. Results obtained by Oncomedics on metastatic colorectal cancer indicate a minimal +38% increase (84% compared to 22-46% for currently employed consensus regimens) in response chances for first line treatment thanks to the Oncogramme® ! The Oncogramme® for colorectal cancer, which is CE marked in the IVD MD category, is the first application available among the technologies of Oncomedics.

Chemosensitivity and resistance assays (CSRAs) have been widely used in North America for several decades. They have gained notable recognition from the scientific community (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School) and, more impressively, from anticancer centers (93% of members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network use one of these tests against gynaecological cancers).
CSRAs have demonstrated substantial benefits for patients, taking advantage of their significant patient’s response prediction efficiency, depending on pathology. Thanks to this choice assistance for therapeutic first lines, improvement in patient’s overall survival and relapse-free survival were demonstrated. Also, for the healthcare system, cost savings is validated. With a competitive technology compared to US tests, Oncomedics offers hopeful success for cancer cure of patients. The Oncogramme® falls perfectly within the novel personalized medicine field, as it makes it possible to predict the response to a conventional therapy (chemotherapy) and/or a targeted therapy. The technology determines the best treatment combination for a patient depending on the characteristics of her or his own tumor.

2D primary culture from non-small cell lung cancer PDX in Oncomedics’ proprietary defined medium
Oncogramme® profile examples for 2 patients with stage IV colorectal cancer.

2D primary culture from breast cancer PDX in Oncomedics’ proprietary defined medium, showing emergence of spheroids
Functional response of breast tumour cells in primary culture treated with Herceptin correlates with HER2/C-ERB B2 pathology status.