Patient-derived Tumor Xenografts (PDX)

IMODI’s PDX models offer an array of opportunities for translational research and precision medicine:

  • More relevant evaluation of targeted therapies compared to standard xenografts
  • “Phase II preclinical trials” for pharmacological proof-of-concept using diversify PDX collections
  • Target identification and validation using fPDX-derived biological samples

The diversity of each patient tumor phenotype and genotype allows predictions of clinical outcome using molecular tumor profile in correlation with sensitivity to reference drugs.

Our PDX models can be specifically adapted to your need:

  • Human tumor-bearing mice can be delivered for ex vivo screening, tumor microenvironment studies, target identification and potential “in house” model establishment,
  • Cohorts of ready-to-use established models can be provided for pharmacological studies and identification of biomarkers for patient stratification,
  • Tumors can be selected and expanded based on molecular profile or drug sensitivity profile for in vivo proof of concept studies and support of clinical trial design,
  • Orthotopic or subcutaneous models,
  • Metastatic dissemination study,
  • Unique collections of highly profiled PDX cancer models are integrated and available in the Oncodesign X-Mice® platform. Inquire about your specific needs.

The other benefits that PDX models can offer:

  • Studying the tumor heterogeneity that is well conserved in PDX models
  • Studying the tumor microenvironment, as well as immune-modulator compounds activity or drug metabolism by combining PDX models and immune-humanized mice<./in-vivo-liver-humanized-mouse-model/">liver-humanized mice.
  • Studying the cancer stem cell subtypes
  • A large panel of PDX-derived biological samples (Tissue Microarray, frozen tumor tissues, DMSO cryopreserved, cell lines, primocultures…) as well as in vitro and ex vivo assays
  • Combining PDX and pat href="./therapeutic-prediction/">data mining
  • Custom-tailored model developments,

Chi-Mice® is part of a comprehensive portfolio and translational rodent models and services offered by Oncodesign®
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