IMODI still here for supporting Coup D’Pouce – association which represents children with cancer.

IMODI helps an association which assists children with cancer! 
After supporting the association, IMODI wants to congratulate Stephanie and Caroline

IMODI still here for supporting Coup D’Pouce – association which represents children with cancer.


Last days of RAID AMAZONE

As you may know, IMODI supports Coup D’Pouce an association which helps children who have cancer. it had been represented by Stephanie and Caroline – two employees of Oncondesign company. They had participated to Raid Amazones, the trek which took place from 4th to  11th of December. Through this event, we could make all together a good action for those children.

If you missed our last article about RAID AMAZONES, the association and the first steps, here you go.


Stephanie and Caroline have done amazing challenges those last days. However, before telling you how it ends, you can find bellow activities they had done.

Day 6 :

For the last day and the final step, Caroline and Stephanie had done trekking for 10 km. Congratulations!

Here they are for the 6th day : 

RAIDamazonesDay6 RAIDAMAZONESday6RAIDamazonesDay6


Day 5 :

Our super women had done 45,50 km with mountain bikes.  Well done!

You can find the challenge of the day and places they had passed through on this video

J5 : VTT – RAID AMAZONES 2017 from ZBO on Vimeo.

Here they are :







Day 4:

A Treasure hunt was waiting Stéphanie and Caroline. Organized by a company which is specialist in this kind of event, our women had to use their brain and their sense of direction. Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm are the three main temples of the region that served as playgrounds for this hunt. Beyond the cultural aspect, this treasure hunt was also intended to allow competitors to know more each other and thus strengthen the spirit of cohesion.

chasseautresor-IMODI chasseautresor-IMODI


Day 3:

One of the days they enjoyed the most. They did 42 km with mountain bikes. Congratulations to our wonder women!




Day 2 :

They had to go canoeing for 13 km in Kompuong Phluk. They passed through Cambodian’s fishing villages



Day 1 :

Stéphanie and Caroline had a race. 17,5 km to run under the sun. They brilliantly succeeded this step


Very soon we will speak about their success and have for you, exclusive interviews!


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