CTIBiotech is a young innovative company, specialized in biotechnologies and particularly in the development and production of innovative in-vitro and ex-vivo cellular models for biomedical, pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic research

CTIBiotech builds on its expertise in cell culture and tissue engineering in 3-dimensions combining cells, biomaterials, growth factors and bioreactors for the development of specialized cell based assays. We have developed technological know-how for the creation of models from primary tissues derived from the patient or derived tumor models.

CTIBiotech has developed methods for dissociating tumor samples, characterizing and sorting tumor initiating cells as well as cells composing the tumor environment (associated cancerous fibroblasts, immune cells, endothelial cells).
These cells are used for the development of Patient Derived Cell Models and their phenotypic and functional characterization. These cell based assays form useful predictive models for cancer research and high throughput drug candidate screening in oncology.
In addition to this expertise in tissue engineering, CTIBiotech has integrated innovative 3-dimensional bio-printing technologies. Using computer controlled bioprinters these techniques allow the assembly of biological models from individual cells. These systems combine and in a controlled and regular manner different cell types sown in specific biomaterials and allow highly reproducible complex systems to be obtained.
For its research and development needs CTI-biotech has also set up a scientific biobank of cells and tissues which are the basic components of the cell based assays developed by the company. CTIBiotech also hosts the scientific biobank of the IMODI project which preserves and archives all tissue and cell samples developed by the IMODI consortium partners during the project.
CTIBiotech also contributes to research programs and collaborates internationally with academic and industrial partners in the development of clinical trials in regenerative medicine, stem cell, cGMP process development for cell therapy, biobanking, or the development and validation of medical devices for the preparation of cell therapy products.

CTIBiotech develops tests on human cells in order to measure the biological activity and/or safety of a drug of interest.
  • Cancer: innovative human cell based assays and cell lines to accelerate pharmaceutical research in oncology.
  • Purified populations : Sourcing and purification of effector cells for bioassay in immuno-oncology.
  • Adult stem cells : technological platforms for the characterization, amplification and differentiation of stem cells for human biological models.
  • In vitro toxicology and molecular screening: development of custom predictive tests for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Development of complex and reproducible models by 3D bio-printing
  • Biobank: bioarchiving of human biological collections for public and private research programs.
  • Medical devices: research and development partner for the design and validation of medical devices applied to cell therapy.
  • Strategic R&D partners: research and development partners of major organisations to accelerate biotechnological innovation with human cellular models.



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