Predictive tools mimicking disease progression & treatment efficacy

Design and implementation of precision medicine clinical trials including gut microbiota
End-to-end microbiota offering powered by Biofortis

Predictive tools mimicking disease progression & treatment efficacy

Human cancer in vitro models for pre-clinical oncology drug development.

About 40 defined in vitro cells models (Breast, Ovary, Prostate, Lungs, Liver, Lymphoma, Pancreas) from both highly characterized primary tumor cells and from PDX are available in the IMODI webcatalogue.
Models are available at low passages to better reflect the properties of patient tumors and tumoral heterogeneity and offer an innovative integrated path for drug screening and development, understanding of the mechanism of action and evaluation of efficacy while providing an easy transfer to preclinical trials

CTIBiotech can also help you develop customized in-vitro cell model and assay, including for immunotherapy against cancer and tumour microenvironment targeting.

CTIBioTumour: human microtumours produced by 3D-bioprinting to fast-track new cancer therapies.

CTIBioTumour accurately reproduces, in vitro, the interactions between human cancer cells and other types of cells that form the tumor microenvironment, including with IMODI in-vitro models. 3D-Bioprinted microtumours can be produced for medium- and high-throughput pre-clinical studies.

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About 40 defined in vitro cells models. Access our webcatalogue




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