Liver-humanized mouse model

The IMODI partners have investigated a novel in vivo system that provides an optimized platform for increasing our predictivity of patient anti-cancer drug metabolism, potential toxicity, and efficacy.
Through the TK-NOG® liver-humanized model, the IMODI partners are able to predict the patient pharmacological profile of anti-cancer agents. The model can generate a human-specific profile of anti-cancer drug metabolism as well as an efficient microenvironment for metastatic tumor cell homing or for the development of hepatocarcinoma patient-derived-xenograft (PDX) model.


Characteristics of the TK-NOG liver-humanized model:

  • Mouse liver is reconstituted with functional human hepatocytes expressing P450 gene.
  • Transgenic TK-NOG® mice maintain the transplanted human hepatocytes over 8 months without any chemical adjunction
  • Liver-Humanization modifies the PK profile and the metabolism of drugs in mice and predicts hepatotoxicity
  • Metabolism profile of drugs in liver-humanized mice is close to Human
  • The humanized-liver of TK-NOG® mice is permissive to growth of human tumor cells
The TK-NOG model is part of the Chi-Mice® platform of Oncodesign

The humanized TK-NOG model is a promising preclinical model for:

  • Detecting deadly drug side effects by predicting future potential hepatic toxicities in patients,
  • Optimizing dose and treatment schedule of anti-cancer agents based on “human” pharmacological profile,
  • Evaluating the efficacy of drugs having different in vitro metabolism profile in murine vs human microsomes,
  • Evaluating the anti-metastatic activity of drugs,
  • Developing PDX models of hepatocarcinoma,
  • Studying the role of the tumor microenvironment in liver tumor development and progression as well as the liver metastatic process.
This novel in vivo model provides an optimized platform to increasing your success rate of further clinical development

Chi-Mice® is part of a comprehensive portfolio and translational rodent models and services offered by Oncodesign®
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