Human Biobank

  • Biobanking LIMS system
  • Feces, blood (Serum, Plasma, RNA)
    • Matching PDX models for some patients
  • Data management: e-CRF, lifestyle & medical databases
Representation of Biofortis’s biobank

Microbiota monitoring & biological analysis for humans and mice

  • Targeted metagenomics & shotgun metasequencing
  • Analysis by dedicated bioinformatic pipeline
  • Companion diagnostic: e.g. inflammation, Oxidative stress, Immunity…

Example of studies

  • Cancer adjuvant therapy investigation (e.g. pre/probiotics)
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Drug discovery & treatment stratification

Contact the author

Francoise Le Vacon, Biofortis, Microbiome & Cancer


Biofortis - Microbiome & CancerInstitution: Biofortis Merieux NutriSciences
Address: 3 route de la Chatterie
44800 Saint-Herblain, France
Office: 33(0)2 40 20 57 99
Mobile: 33(0)6 08 05 29 32

Brief Back Ground Information

Françoise Le Vacon is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Biofortis Merieux NutriSciences.
She firstly obtained a Cellular and Molecular Biology Master at Rennes University, and then received her Ph.D. degree in Cell/Immunology at Nantes University.
She completed her post-doctoral training at Cochin Hospital and Pasteur Institute in Paris, Johns Hopkins Hospital and at the NIH in the US.
Dr. Le Vacon held research focusing on biomarker discovery in Oncology at Grenoble and on Microbiology over the last 20 years.
As Microbiome Research Program Leader, Françoise has set up a platform for the study of bacterial ecosystems for clinical and pre-clinical applications in nutrition and health.

National Award

2011: Knight of the Order of Merit for contribution in Science.


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