Therapeutic Prediction

Ariana Pharma offers in silico models predicting the sensitivity and resistance of patients to reference treatments. These predictive models are implemented in Ariana’s Onco KEM® platform and rank the therapeutics based on their efficacy score computed from the individual profile of each patient. This tool is a clinical decision support system that generates specific treatment options for each patient through the delivery of an explanatory report.

Ariana_Logo-smallAlpha Ariana® Pharma is a leading digital health company focused on developing advanced decision support systems and computational solutions for personalized medicine. Its therapeutic decision support tools and its proprietary data mining platform KEM® (Knowledge Extraction and Management) enable clinicians choose optimal therapeutic solutions and pharmaceutical partners to develop novel targeted therapies for cancer patients.
Ariana is currently developing a set of software combined with laboratory tests that enable personalized treatment selection in oncology. Ariana has also developed algorithms that have been embedded in personalized medicine diagnostic tools. Ariana conducts these projects through partnerships with pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies as well as academic partners.
Ariana’s technology and expertise are also offered through consulting and data analysis services as well as licensing agreements for the KEM® software suite. Ariana’s team is multidisciplinary and highly experienced with degrees in Medicine, Computational Biology, Biostatistics, Biomathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Institut Pasteur, Ariana is based in Paris and has a fully owned subsidiary in the U.S. It has entered into a distribution agreement with a Japanese provider, CT-LS.
Ariana’s main role in IMODI is to develop and deploy a decision support system enabling oncologists to select a personalized treatment strategy for patient care by systematically combining a large variety of data generated through the project (clinical, biochemical and molecular data). Additionally, analyses performed by Ariana will offer a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the therapeutic compounds action and will facilitate an efficient and rapid development of new targeted therapies.