Tumor cell lines

Cell-based assay and In-Vitro models

In-vitro models and cell-based assays are nowadays an efficient and complementary tool to other techniques for drug discovery. The IMODI CTIBiotech in-vitro cell models retain the properties of patient tumors and allow highly reproducible studies providing understanding in cell biology, drug sensitivity and insight into signaling pathways. They offer a biologically equivalent substitute to research targets, screen and evaluate compounds. Find available models on the IMODI web catalog

CTIBiotech in-vitro cell lines derived from IMODI patient or Patient-Derived tumor Xenografts provide key advantages

  • Available as Patient primary tissue or PDX derived in-vitro Cellular Models
  • Large number of cancer associated cells and subpopulations.
  • Available at low passages to better reflect the patient tumor heterogeneity
  • Large panel of patient derived biological samples and associated biological and clinical data available for every step of your study

Validated in-vitro tumor cell models derived from patient samples or IMODI PDX models are an essential material for efficient cell based assays.

  • In-vitro cellular models available for primary screens with associated PDX for later stage studies
  • Purified models and subpopulations available.
  • Biologically relevant substitutes to predict drug response.
  • Effective technologies for drug discovery and high throughput screening.
  • Provide knowledge on biological targets and pathways.
  • Patient Derived Cell Model molecular characterisation available on in-vitro models or the associated PDX model.
  • Traceability and associated clinical data available for each in-vitro models.
  • Availability of data relative to sensitivity to reference drugs based on PDX models.

CTIBiotech can also deliver tailored tumoral cell models and cancer cell based assays

Choosing the right cell based assay is essential and will influence both the assay performance and the following steps of compound development.
  • The CTIBiotech team is specialised in innovative cell based assay and tissue engineering.
  • From primary tissue to cell line, our team can provide a large range of normal or pathologic Human cells to develop innovative models associating multiple cell types.
  • CTIBiotech can provide purified populations of effector cells for immune-oncology in-vitro cell based assays.
  • We are able to develop new cell models from primary or PDX models based on your need.
  • We can develop a large panel of customized cell based assays to fit your study
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